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Start Archiv International [ENGLISCH] Greece: Massive action can break the austerity agenda

[ENGLISCH] Greece: Massive action can break the austerity agenda

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Alter mann wird von einem griechischen Polizisten mit Schlagstock geschlagen.

Statement von REVOLUTION International

After the renewed SYRIZA government is in power for less than a month, the period of peace seems to be over for the workers and youth that have been suffering under the bail-out deal negotiated by the Tsipras administration. A general strike has taken place on November 12 after strikes of ferry seamen, warning strikes of transport workers and massive demonstration of highschool and university students marked the beginning of a new resistance against austerity. This was be the first general strike under a SYRIZA government.

This is not a big surprise, SYRIZA chickens are merely coming home to roost. After being elected on a platform of not letting the vast majority of the population pay for the crisis after 2007 and even even deeper cuts in the country's social, education and health system. The austerity legislation ruled in the greek parliament was dictated by Troika enforcers, making a 2 Billion bailout payment dependent on it. Further measures are to be expected. It was pension cuts that made the ferry seamen go on strike and education cuts sparked thousands-strong walkouts in greek schools and universities in the last weeks. The government's plans to attack small farmers by raising taxes and slashing tax exceptions as well as subsidies could also bring the traditionally well-organised farmers to join forces with the worker's organisations.

The treason of the left-reformists has been weakening the resistance in Greece for too long by now. Hoping that the new governments would not break their promises over and over again demobilised the working class movement over the past year. Only massive collective action, aiming for driving this “government of attacks and cuts” out of office and organising a worker's government, can defeat the austerity agenda. We welcome the actions of the greek worker's and youth and support escalating it to a indefinite general strike until austerity measures are taken back.

It is no coincidence that student marches mark the beginning of a renewed resistance movement. Oftentimes, it is the youth that stands in the frontlines of social struggle, since they are amongst the ones who suffer most under capitalist policy but are still eager to fight. Organising the strong and militant youth of Greece against the attacks of the capitalists and the threat of fascism is an important challenge for the movement. At the same time, after the obvious treason of SYRIZA, building a revolutionary party of the working class and the oppressed, that is fighting for socialism, remains central.

But to win in Greece means defeating the policy of the whole European Union and its imperialist center. The struggle can only be won if a movement of international solidarity puts massive pressure on the power centers of the Troika. Imperialism is a global system that can only be defeated by workers and youth irregardless of their nationality. We support the struggle of our greek comrades and fight with them against imperialism, capitalism and austerity!

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